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My anti-virus warns me that fileconvoy is a malicious site

As any other public services, ill-intentioned individuals occasionally use to distribute malwares. Some anti-virus considers as a malicious site. As any other file sharing technologies which include email, you should never download files that you do not trust its origin. is safe as long as you download files for which you trust their origins. This advice is valid for any files you download from the Internet.

Some anti-spams might block the email notifications

Some anti-spam filters block email when they contain links or urls. When you send files to new recipients using notifications, you may want to check with them if they received the notifications.

What is the maximum file size I can upload?

The maximum file size that can be uploaded vary from time to time. The current maximum file size is 3029 MB. If you try to upload files with a total size larger than the limit, the connection with the server will be terminated immediately.